7 Top-Notch Ideas for Effective Content Marketing in 2016

Content marketing in 2016

One of the major benefits of online marketing in a tight, focused market is an organization’s capacity to rapidly create and deliver relevant, appropriate content that snatches the attention of clients. Content marketing is still among the best ways for brands to increase visibility. The right kind of content can rank prominently in search results, getting shares on social media and making a name for the business behind it. Here are my top content marketing tips to help content marketers at any size business with any size budget.

1۔ Personalization is Everywhere:

As data analytics is progressively turning into a basic part of important business decisions, insightful marketers are figuring out how to use analytics to structure successful content marketing campaigns. Companies these days have started to feel the pressure to study consumer behaviors and craft informed content marketing techniques to stay in the competition. A customer will be served content that meets his own personal preferences, instead of being a part of a marketing boom that likely won’t catch his attention.

2۔ Visual will Stay to Rule:

As the struggle for customer attention will start to heat up, infographics, images, and videos will be a key supplement for every single piece of content. According to a recent survey, nonprofits rank higher than profitable organizations in their content marketing techniques, with 63 percent reporting they are now working on visual content, as a major aspect of their promoting techniques.

3۔ Relevance and Context Always Matter:

Not all content is interpreted the same in all places or cultures. One simple example of this is in using targeted keywords.  In conducting a regional campaign in a targeted country, you may find  that the same product or service is referred to in a somewhat changed way depending upon where you are. Also, if you are using an email marketing campaign for your product/service, make sure that you are not creating some boring email content and the content is relevant. Also confirm that you are using a term or terms that people in your target country are using to look for you.

4۔ Customers as Storytellers:

A recent study demonstrates the usefulness of storytelling from a business’s existing customer viewpoint. These days, brands are focusing more on this, letting clients share their own stories about a product or service. This isn’t just adapting the experience and making it more relatable to readers, but it is taking the content creation work out of the hands of brands, permitting them to just clean up the creation and post it.

5. Mobile-Friendly is a Must:

The use of mobile phones passed PC use in 2014 for the first time in history. Observing this, brands are shifting their content marketing campaigns for smaller screens and shorter attention periods. Content will be planned to be read on little screens, with localization and area-based search terms becoming highly important. Therefore we can rightly assume that mobile will be the most important marketing factor in 2016.

6۔ Stay Away from Duplication:

It must be your utmost priority to stay away from plagiarized content, particularly if the pages for different countries will all be in English. Consider a content procedure that kills duplication and puts more attention on the localization of your pages. You can easily push people from diverse countries to normal transactional based areas or pages that allow signups or take orders, while still keeping up your global SEO-targeted content.

7۔ Cross-Platform Content Marketing:

Dashboard services may make it simple to post one social media upgrade crosswise over various platforms, yet content marketers now see the benefit of customizing every single post. From visitor websites to articles to tweets, brands will start to customize their efforts for content marketing, so as to reach distinctive demographics in diverse ways.

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