6 Predictions About SEO and Digital Marketing in 2015


From technology trends to evolving business models and changing consumer behavior, there are a lot of things a marketer has to consider. Digital marketing has experienced a substantial change over the last few years, turning into an increasingly complex medium to manage effectively.

We can see that just 27% of CMOs are satisfied with the result of their digital campaigns.The reason is simple; marketers are unable to identify the trends and capitalize on those.

In the following, we are trying to provide marketers with a brief vision of digital marketing in 2015. The following 6 predictions will help them plan well and achieve their goals successfully.

1.  SEO will become harder:

Did you know; Google has already published its first algo update of 2015 and interestingly, it is not even ‘named’.

Search marketers realize the implications/challenges of post Panda/Penguin scenario. Can you do your SEO or content marketing without taking a look at ‘algorithmic updates’? Of course, No. In this year, we see search engines turning tougher on bad content collaborations and keep pushing fresh algo updates.  Owing to fresh updates, it will become harder to control search listings and marketers will have to re-define their practices. The thumb rule remains the same: adopt fair search marketing practices, be fair on organic search and avoid spam practices.

2. Analytics Will be A Hot Cake:

HBR declared 21st century as a ‘century of data science’. You cannot ignore the importance of data science and analytics. Just like 2014, marketer will invest a lot of time and resources in analytics. Purchase/subscription of tools for identifying that how clients interact with their offer/message and what they like/dislike will increase. As we already predicted that marketing automation companies with marketing intelligence offers will grab the best deal, it will be a good year for marketing automation industry. Multi-tasking platforms will be selling like hot cake with the penetration level crossing 50%.

3. Content is Still the King:

Yes, no matter how many changes Google may introduce, content is and continues to be the king of search and digital marketing. We’ll see that content quality, content architecture, and uniqueness will continue to matter in the search ranking. Websites with an active blog or frequent content update will obtain better traffic. As per surveys, 42% B2B marketers use blog for attracting traffic to their site. Similarly, investment in content marketing will increase by an average of 27%.  In short, if you want to be live and on the front page of Google, it is very important to have enough and well-crafted content.

4. Videos Will Continue to Rock:

In the last few years, the use of video for the purpose of marketing has been consistently growing. Videos are proving itself to be a perfect way to show how a product or service works, which was almost difficult to express with text or picture. This trend of marketing/tutorial videos is expected to get more fame in 2015. Businesses will continue to use marketing videos to improve their customer experience and satisfaction.

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5. Everything Will be Personalized:

All the marketers want their customers to interact with their content, and what’s preferable way to get this other than providing something relevant? By offering customized content during the last few years, businesses have succeeded to expand their sales extensively. This has also helped them in bringing down their operational expenses, motivate clients to stay longer on their sites and foster consumer loyalty.

Personalized services, customized packages, offers, subscriptions, content, and tutorials will be more than a marketing tool. In short, we’ll see personalization as revival of 1-to-1 marketing.

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6. Marketing will be More Automated:

We can see there is a robust growth in the automated and marketing tools that are improving businesses’ efficiency and reducing their cost. In the New Year, we’ll see businesses investing more in the marketing tools because of their affordability and growing need.  From social media management platforms to automation, and email marketing platforms; everyone will get a fair share of the growing market.

In short, the year 2015 will be a year of growth and development of marketing departments. Businesses will invest more in online and offline campaigns whereas content marketing and automation will lead the race. Search ranking will be a tough battle to win and the need for customized products will continue to grow. An intelligent marketer will realize the importance of this personalization context and design his campaign according to the trends, needs, and his audiences’.

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