Advertising Footprint

In the a new age of technology, we live in an ever adapting world where strategies of marketing are always evolving.   We are all ultimately connected by the technology we surround ourselves with, making marketing to various audiences simpler than ever before.  Have you ever been on a digital platform such as Facebook and have an ad pop up for something you were just looking at the other day on a different website? This is because sales and marketing are becoming more personalized with every click you make.


Listed below are three ways how advertising and marketing are keeping up with the new age technology. Continue reading Advertising Footprint

Impact of Colors on Marketing

When it comes to a product, persuasion becomes an art in order to influence your customers.  The strongest influence comes from the colors to draw in different demographics.


When marketing a product, Sound and Smell ranks 1% in contributing to influence, Texture at 6%, and Visual Appearance with 93%. Concluding that visuals take the highest percentage it is safe to assume that it is one of the most powerful methods of marketing.   Continue reading Impact of Colors on Marketing

6 Best Practices for Running a Retargeting Campaign

Re-targeting advertising is rapidly picking up traction in the online marketing world for a good reason. Companies that use this system see an evident increase in CTR (Click through Rate) while also understanding a notable cost savings. In fact, recent analysis has demonstrated that the normal CPM (Cost per Thousand impressions) is really lower for re-targeting campaigns than conventional display marketing. Furthermore, it’s the perfect supplement for effective SEO and PPC campaigns, as re-targeting encourages repeat visits from the traffic that these different techniques produce. Continue reading 6 Best Practices for Running a Retargeting Campaign

7 Top-Notch Ideas for Effective Content Marketing in 2016

One of the major benefits of online marketing in a tight, focused market is an organization’s capacity to rapidly create and deliver relevant, appropriate content that snatches the attention of clients. Content marketing is still among the best ways for brands to increase visibility. The right kind of content can rank prominently in search results, getting shares on social media and making a name for the business behind it. Here are my top content marketing tips to help content marketers at any size business with any size budget. Continue reading 7 Top-Notch Ideas for Effective Content Marketing in 2016

How to Conduct Content Audit On Your Site

“Content audit” sounds a bit intimidating like something that involves an enormous amount of time, endless spreadsheets, and dozens of unpaid interns. The word “audit” is so tied up with other unpleasant life experiences that it is understandable if it doesn’t inspire you. But hang on for a second because a “content audit” might be what your site needs to get to the next level. Continue reading How to Conduct Content Audit On Your Site

6 Metrics That Determine Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is an incredible channel to reach new potential clients and also a great way to maximize existing client engagement. Being a modern marketer, you wear a lot of caps and are liable for many moving parts of your marketing mix. It’s simple for your email marketing data to become mixed up in all the metrics and KPI’s you need to watch out for. But how would you measure the efficiency of a marketing campaign? Continue reading 6 Metrics That Determine Email Marketing Success