Use Zapier to Automatically Enhance New Lead Contact Information

Although we’d love to imagine that Makesbridge is the only app you’ll ever need, the reality is most of us use a lot of different apps each day, and juggling them is a drain. That’s why we love Zapier.

Zapier connects Makesbridge with over 1,400 apps, including Google, ClickFunnels, Clearbit, Shopify, Facebook, and Pipedrive, just to name a few. Setting up automated workflows (called Zaps) between apps is quick and easy. Continue reading Use Zapier to Automatically Enhance New Lead Contact Information

The Strategy of Saying No

When starting in a new environment, it seems to be almost a habit to say “yes” to everything that comes your way.  If you’re running a company or working for a business, it isn’t always the smartest thing to constantly say “yes”, this will lead to an overwhelming amount of work that turns out half baked.  It is important to remember that multitasking is not always a productive way to handle projects, through a healthy strategy of saying yes and no we came up with the best three points.

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Promote Customer Loyalty

For all businesses, a loyal customer proves time after time to hold more value than new customers.  Loyal customers can be totalled up to 10 times the value of their first purchase. Businesses are able to rely on their number of loyal customers versus the amount of off and on customers.

A strategy of remaining competitive is realizing that the cost of gaining new customers is actually higher than maintaining an existing one.  From having a larger size of loyal customers, businesses have the opportunity to spend its marketing budget on improving the quality, service, and products.  


The following are strategies to launch your customer loyalty.


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AOL’s Transition To Yahoo Causes Results To Drop For Global B2C Marketers

Oath, Inc., a Verizon company that owns AOL and Yahoo, announced earlier this month that it will gradually merge its Yahoo and AOL email infrastructures. On February 22nd, marketers saw AOL results drop to almost zero opens across all ESPs.


Such cause of the drop is more likely due to service outages we should expect by a mega scale cut over.

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Increasing Productivity

Every minute in the day is precious, and when working, it should be used towards being productive.  While being productive isn’t rocket science, it could be difficult to break the habit of how you manage your time. There are two different ways to increase your output, either put in countless more hours or, working more diligently, ultimately taking less time.  I believe that most people would prefer the second choice.


Here we have compiled the top five tips on improving your productivity. Continue reading Increasing Productivity

Advertising Footprint

In the a new age of technology, we live in an ever adapting world where strategies of marketing are always evolving.   We are all ultimately connected by the technology we surround ourselves with, making marketing to various audiences simpler than ever before.  Have you ever been on a digital platform such as Facebook and have an ad pop up for something you were just looking at the other day on a different website? This is because sales and marketing are becoming more personalized with every click you make.


Listed below are three ways how advertising and marketing are keeping up with the new age technology. Continue reading Advertising Footprint

List Hygiene – Sanitize your email database

Researchers like Return Path, Marketing Sherpa reveals that over 10% of your emails are bad, and only less than 44% of your emails are delivered! So, before you blame your Email Service Provider, let’s find out what is list hygiene and why it’s critical.

List hygiene is about regularly removing the dead weight – like inactive contacts, undeliverable, complainer, Role, spam-traps and bots.

Keeping your list clean pays off – in your monthly plan and in your email metrics. Let’s dive in and start clearing the clutter!

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