Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity_Time Management

Every minute in the day is precious, and when working, it should be used towards being productive.  While being productive isn’t rocket science, it could be difficult to break the habit of how you manage your time. There are two different ways to increase your output, either put in countless more hours or, working more diligently, ultimately taking less time.  I believe that most people would prefer the second choice.


Here we have compiled the top five tips on improving your productivity.


Tracking Your Time On Your Projects


As good as people think they are at managing time, they’re probably not.  Studies have shown that 17% of people cannot accurately estimate their time spent on projects. Time management helps you become aware about of time you’re spending on tasks that could be not work related or helping the project at hand.


Self Administered Deadlines


Stress is often thought as a bad thing, but a manageable amount from a self-imposed deadline helps keep you focused.  Open ended tasks are often deadly, giving the task a deadline in your mind stimulates productivity and complete focus.  


Dangers Of Multitasking


Multitasking is a skill people use to get many things done at once in a short span of time. In most cases that is not always a good thing.  Though the tasks may be done, they won’t be filled with their full potential.  Psychologists put together a study and it showed that most people who multitask actually lose time and productivity in the process.  The best way to fix the habit of multitasking is to choose one project to work on at a time. This way you save time and energy before moving onto the next task.


Notifications Off


The alluring sound of a text or a voicemail is enough to draw people away from their work. The best solution to overcome the distractions is either to turn off notifications during work hours or to setting a delegated time in your work day to check any messages or emails.


Clear Goals


Before starting a project, it is productive to spend a couple minutes drafting your goals and certain tasks that need to be completed. The reason for this is to have a clean draft to look back on if any ideas start to stray about the finished product.  With this you can make sure you still achieve the same goal you set out to take.