Impact of Colors on Marketing


When it comes to a product, persuasion becomes an art in order to influence your customers.  The strongest influence comes from the colors to draw in different demographics.


When marketing a product, Sound and Smell ranks 1% in contributing to influence, Texture at 6%, and Visual Appearance with 93%. Concluding that visuals take the highest percentage it is safe to assume that it is one of the most powerful methods of marketing.  


Colors used in product has large clout to the mental game of marketing, in this article we will explore 10 different colors and the neurological games they play.  


  1. Red

The most catching color that will hold people’s attention is Red. It is such a powerful color because it is most associated with power and energy, it has such an effect on our psychological state that is actually increases the heart rate.


  1. Yellow

Evoking emotion, yellow is seen as a very energetic color that stimulates the brain.  The correct use of yellow lifts spirits and embeds a certain optimism and happiness.


  1. Orange

Orange, being a mix of yellow and red, orange brings feelings of physical comfort to the consumer. It is seen as a “fun color”, but the overuse of it can suggest lack of intelligence and seriousness.


  1. Blue

Blue is most commonly seen in order for the customer to believe a product is trustworthy. Mentally, blue brings clarity and clear thought to our ideas, time and time again studies show that blue is the world’s most favorite color.


  1. Green

To the eye, green is a very calming color that is versatile if used properly. It brings feeling of goodwill, wealth, and denotes health.


  1. Pink

While often seen as a color for the youth, pink is a powerful color psychologically.  It brings feeling of nurture, physical tranquility, and romanticism.


  1. Violet

Violet brings a sense of prestige and elegance since it is thought of as a royal color. It is most seen when marketing luxury products.  Violet, being the final visible wavelength to the human eye, indicates a strong bond with science and the cosmos.


  1. Grey

A pure grey is the only color that does not evoke psychological properties to the mind because of it is a dulling color. The color brings a serious tone and is not commonly used in vibrant marketing strategies.


  1. White

White is seen as the most pure color, symbolizing cleanliness and sophistication.  To the mind, it brings the concept of negative space and depth perception.  This color is most commonly seen with health or beauty.


  1.  Black

The versatile, timeless color of black can be used in either for a modern or traditional sense.  Being both relaxing and exciting, it adds drama to any product out there.