6 Vital Strategies for Successful Marketing Automation Implementation


Marketing automation is a very effective technology  that offers marketers with a rich set of tools to deal with the components of their online marketing projects. The use of marketing automation software by marketers can effectively replace time consuming, repetitive tasks and is ideal in bringing leads to the sales team faster. If you have recently started using marketing automation, and you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some important tips to consider. Some of these best practices will help you from the get-go, others will help you succeed later as you continue using marketing automation.

Know Your Goals:

Before you choose a specific marketing automation software, it’s critical to recognize the objectives you want to attain through automation. Understanding what your needs are and what features you will be using will help you in choosing the right software for the marketing of your business. Using SMART principle, set your goals while taking key input from the team. 

Communicate with Your Sales Team:

As soon as you start to use marketing automation tools, things are going to change. In order to get best results from your automation program, you need to be aware of all of the marketing automation characteristics. Meet with your sales staff regularly and teach them how this new tool will compile data, where they can find it and what to do with it. If the automated marketing software offers you a representative to smooth out the method, readily accept the offer. It will help with the knots you may experience as you move towards the path of success. Being ready, being trained and staying up-to-date of the systems, information, and their use will bring your organization the success that you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Choose the Right Marketing Automation Solution:

When an organization has recognized its requirements and set a budget (at least a range), it’s essential to pick the right marketing automation software solution for execution. The marketing automation industry is turning into a more packed space consistently with the accessibility of numerous suitable solutions. So, be sure to choose your automation tool wisely. Read comparisons of different marketing automation software programs and understand which one scales best with your business.

Track Web Activity:

This needs to be immediately established on your website, blog, and microsites. The tracking feature is a must so that Web activity alerts begin streaming to sales quickly. This gives marketing a chance to present the idea of Web visitor tracking to sales and getting sales excited about the efforts from marketing and their new technology.  This will give marketing some clout and will ultimately provide support from the sales organization.

Check out this video and see how Makesbridge can help you track your web activity and different campaigns across multiple platforms.

Begin with a Landing Page:

One of the first things a marketer must do is to set up a quality landing page with a high-esteem resource behind it. Whether this is a white paper, demo, video, or industry research, this is the right time to put your best foot forward. The landing page can quickly be used for PPC, email, social, and direct sales prospecting campaigns. The landing page will promptly start setting cookies on responders and the system can then start finding stream Web visits.

 Don’t Forget the Content:

When you have invested in a marketing automation system, don’t forget about content. A marketing automation system will help you arrange your messages as indicated by individual prospects’ needs and expanding the chances that these prospects will eventually buy from you. In any case, no marketing automation system can create content for you.

Content is still king, and you will need to write, or pay someone to write, high-quality, relevant content, including emails, blog, white papers and landing pages for your site. With the new year set to start, don’t forget to read our top-notch ideas for effective content marketing in 2016.


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