Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2015

Email marketing best practices in 2015

Email marketing automation has been one of the key tools of marketing success in the year 2014. According to Forbes, approximately 63% of the companies that have outmarketed their competitors in the recent years have used one or more automation tools. Looking at the B2B marketing campaigns, we see a range of changes and emerging trends; like, a shift from mere email marketing to integrated marketing automation. You can read about the marketing automation industry in the year 2015 in our previous post.

With studies endorsing businesses’ expansion related budgets soaring up, the penetration rate of automation platforms is expected to pass 50% in some industries. This complex and changing environment has led to creation of new rules of the game. To help our readers plan their better email marketing campaigns, we are sharing 5 key rules for email marketing in 2015.

1. Email Content Strategy:

“Content is the king” is the most famous jargon in the digital marketing. With the growing need of content in prospect management and lead nurturing process, the need for a dedicated email content strategy has been sensed. Be it a landing page exercise, some newsletter, or email blast; it is your content that motivates people to consider your ‘call to action’. Therefore, successful marketers will design a specific content strategy for their email blasts.

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2. Industry Specific Designs:

We’ve observed that despite some problems with HTML and CSS support in email marketing platforms, marketers try their best to optimize designs. In 2015, we expect brands and managers to keep pushing this ‘industry specific design’ phenomenon to ensure relevancy of their messages. We might see a growth in videos and interactive content being pushed in the emails. Not every platform has an easy email editor or the facility to offer clients upload their own custom HTML (Makesbridge offers both).

3. Personalization:

We already see a change in the way marketing messages and designs are crafted. Every aspect of digital marketing now revolves around personalization and this trend is expected to grow faster in 2015. Hyper-personalized ads, messages, designs, and algorithms will be used for location targeting and retargeting campaigns. The ultimate objective is to feed prospects what they want/like and close a better deal.

4. Mobile Compatibility:

This is self-explanatory. Over 46% people open their emails on a smartphone while 98% adults own a mobile device in United States. This makes it very important to design newsletters, emails, and landing pages in a way that they are mobile friendly. A responsive design will ensure better open and click through rate while the possibility of conversion also soars up.

5. Integrated Marketing:

Business goes in cycle, where one follows the other. For example, there was a trend of search marketing, then came social media marketing, and then content marketing. The question is, which one will matter the most in 2015? They all will matter and continue to matter in the near future. However, the best way to breed positive reward is ‘marketing integration’. Instead of spending money on a single niche, create an integrated marketing mix with inclusion of email, search, social, and paid marketing campaigns.

If you are using a simple email marketing tool for email blasts and nurture tracks, leap one step ahead. Subscribe to some multi-tasking marketing automation platform that could help you in email blasts, deep analytics, sales automation, and search marketing. There are dedicated platforms that offer automation coupled with complete intelligence of website, email campaigns, traffic, social media portals, and banner ads. 

A More Comprehensive Solution: 

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