6 Basic Tips to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns


Lead nurturing campaigns are undoubtedly the best ways to guide your leads through all phases of the buying cycle and make them buy. By offering valuable content and addressing a prospect’s needs at every stage, you can stay top of mind and position your company in the market to create sales. These lead nurturing campaigns can let you to move clients along the buyer’s journey by appealing, educating and anticipating the buyer’s needs.

Doing lead nurturing in the right way can help educate potential customers through automated emails and aims to reach a new contact ready for a sale. We have a couple tips to help you enhance your campaigns for maximum results.

1. Create a content map

Doing lead nurturing the right way takes a lot of planning and strategy. What’s more, it should be carefully thought before the campaign goes live. Lead nurturing campaigns can be as basic or as complex as you need them to be, however in any case, a content map will help you focus every email for every phase of the nurturing campaign. Don’t try to set up the first email to go out until you have 3 prepared at least. If you do, you’ll be scrambling later to understand what the next email must be.

2. Develop a Lead Nurturing Strategy

Once you have an idea about the present condition of your email list, it might be worth setting aside the time to add to develop a few user personas considering the information that you have. Suitable persona development can help manage your system for different communication streams. Every objective must get an alternate series of touch points based on need. Remember that a decent nurturing campaign will include different types of supporting content too. This can be as blog posts, or other content marketing assets.

3. Have one clear call-to-action

Each of your lead nurturing emails must have one and only particular call-to-action (CTA). This helps keep your email from being confusing for the reader. By having every email be centered around one subject at once, your prospects and leads will be more likely to make a move. So figure out what is the one primary activity you need your prospects to take and make that the point of your CTA.

4. Consider Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can improve the lead nurturing procedure. On the other hand, it’s not a choice to be taken lightly. Marketing automation can be a huge investment and needs the proper resources to execute viably. Don’t send your prospects more than one email per week. Keeping them spread out allows you to not bombard their inbox and make them feel like they getting spammed.

5. Segment your campaigns

Segmenting your lead nurturing campaigns is mainly important if you target varied industry verticals. For example, if you offer products or services to the healthcare and games industries, you don’t need them going into the same lead nurturing campaigns because they have unique hobbies. You can also take a stab at segmenting your campaigns by buyer personas. All together for your campaigns to be successful, they must be portioned with the goal that you send relevant information to your prospects. If you don’t send relevant emails, people are considerably more likely to unsubscribe.

6. Be conversational

People need to communicate with humans, not organizations. Thus, make sure your messages are sent from a real member of your sales or marketing team. Customize the emails in any way that you can. Also, try using conversational language. It doesn’t mean you need to use slang and bad grammar, but instead type like you talk. Messages that sound boring, automated or computer-like will presumably get erased.

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