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Inbox and Junk

Mega scale and small scale email senders alike are constantly battling the Junk Folder. Whether it be a major e-commerce site sending millions of emails per month or a real estate broker sending a few hundred both have to contend with the Junk Folder. Undoubtedly, the Junk Folder causes a lot of heartburn and stress for many email marketers. This article provides the reader with insights and experience on why messages go to the Junk Folder.

The topic of this article notwithstanding, take heart and peace of mind in knowing that all senders end up in the Junk Folder! My favorite case is Return Path, the leader in email delivery consultation. Yes, my friends, even Return Path’s emails end up in my Junk Folder. Why? Because I was not opening them. And with that said, if your email campaigns are yielding solid open rates, the problem isn’t as widespread or impactful as you think. Your fans are your fans, they will most likely continue to receive your email to their inbox and not go the Junk Folder.

Read on for my list of why your emails end up in the Junk Folder.


Content – Your message may have spammy terms that will land you in the Junk Folder.

Oversending – You may be sending too many emails to the same list in a short time frame. Anything more than 6 times per month can jeopardize inbox status and land you in the Junk Folder.

Machine Learning – Inferred Opt Out –If recipients do not open or engage with your emails, filters can send them to the Junk Folder.

Machine Learning – Abuse Complaints To Send Volume Ratio Is Out Of Balance –Did your audience request to receive emails from you? If not, someone in your audience will complain about you as a sender. Your email reputation is like a thumbprint that will follow you to many spam filter technologies.

Admin Email Settings –The recipient and / or their network admin have set rules that your email does not meet for inbox delivery. Common settings include rejecting all emails that do not come from a specific email address and content.

Damaged IP Address –If the Sender IP address has a spammer reputation. On average, Makesbridge Sender Score rarely dips below 98.

Your Best Inbox Defense

Email Content –

  1. Request personal whitelisting in all emails.“Stay informed! Please add me@mycompany.com to your safe sender list”
  2. Provide prize incentives for people to engage emails with a monthly reader drawing.
  3. Produce informative content that builds a following.


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