Is Delivery An Art Form, Science Or Both?

Is inbox delivery an art form, science or a bit of both? Based on our experience with thousands of customers over 14 years, we say both.

A successful journey to the inbox follows many rules. In fact, according to Google’s Postmaster, there are thousands of points Goolge evaluates to determine if your email is spam. Your IP address and sending domain are only two of them.

AI and predictive analytics are used to determine if you’re a good guy or a bad guy.

The art is held in determining the rhythm and message content required to create an audience following.

The science is following academic rules of thumb to decide who to include and who to exclude from your next mass email drop

The following checklist and questions will help you assess if you’re positioned to succeed with Gmail and all other major ISPs

  • Authentication – DKIM, SPF, DMARC (optional)
  • Your Brand – is your brand known for spamming and high complaints?
  • Domain – is your brand known for spamming and high complaints
  • Engagement – are you sending to individuals who have not opened within 60 days ago?
  • Automation – are you reinforcing your positive status by sending to active recipients? If not, this is a must to recover your reputation.
  • Spam Traps & Hygiene – Is your list clean of spam traps and bad email addresses?
  • When was the last time you ran a hygiene check?
  • Are you sending to non-opt in addresses?

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Marketing Scope’s interview with Makesbridge CEO Jay Adams on delivery fundamentals.

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