Inbox Engagement Redefined

Email Deliverability is certainly one of the top most challenging issues that marketers face these days.  The reason being is that it’s quite technical in nature and there’s more to it than just solving a jigsaw puzzle.  To stay ahead of the game, having a good understanding of the constantly changing landscape of email deliverability is of vital importance.

At the 2015 Email Evolution Conference, email deliverability experts from the 4 major ISPs – Paul Rock (AOL), Matthew Moleski (Comcast), Sri Somanchi (Gmail), and John Scarrow ( came to present their facts and figures on deliverability for the closing discussion. We’d like to call them the Fantastic 4 :-)


Here are the key questions that were answered during the talk :

  1. What does email engagement really mean for an ISP?
  2. Do opens and clicks really matter?
  3. Do inactive recipients affect sender reputation?
  4. What else matters and what doesn’t?
  5. What can you tell to your own email marketing team?

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Send Emails That Gmail Users Don’t Block But Love to Read

Gmail is one of the most popular email clients worldwide, which is full of powerful features. With the growing demand for secure and spam-free experience, Google introduced a range of new features to protect users from unsolicited email. Before these updates, users had the option of either ‘mark as spam’ to avoid unwanted messages or clicking on the suppress/unsubscribe within the email.  Continue reading Send Emails That Gmail Users Don’t Block But Love to Read

5 Email Marketing Myths That May Surprise You

It might seem like one of the more established forms of digital marketing communications, but email marketing is strikingly dynamic.  It has seen amazing progress from the spray-and-pray, email-blast practice of five years back to our advanced, highly targeted marketing-automation campaigns. With this rate of progress, it can be hard for marketers to stay updated with all the patterns and, more essentially, to separate mere transitory trends from continuing, hard-won wisdom. Continue reading 5 Email Marketing Myths That May Surprise You

10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Subject Lines

Subject lines are the gatekeepers of your email campaigns. Working for hours to nail an amazing email copy and in return getting no response is really something everybody hates! The words you choose as a title of your email can have a huge impact on whether the hard work you’ve put into your email will pay off or not. Investing some extra time on your subject title will help you boost email open rates, avoid the junk folder, and get your message to the right audience.

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