Increasing Productivity

Every minute in the day is precious, and when working, it should be used towards being productive.  While being productive isn’t rocket science, it could be difficult to break the habit of how you manage your time. There are two different ways to increase your output, either put in countless more hours or, working more diligently, ultimately taking less time.  I believe that most people would prefer the second choice.


Here we have compiled the top five tips on improving your productivity. Continue reading Increasing Productivity

7 Things Highly Productive People Do Differently

Why have you been unable to reach some of your goals, where many others are doing it successfully? If you aren’t sure, you are certainly not alone in this confusion. As a matter of fact, even brilliant, highly accomplished people cannot always understand why they succeed or fail. The instinctive answer – that you are born predisposed to the particular talents and lacking in others – is only one little piece of the riddle. Actually, many years of research on accomplishment suggests that successful people achieve their goals not  because of who they are, but rather because of what they do. Continue reading 7 Things Highly Productive People Do Differently