Playbook: Distribute Leads To Your Reseller Network and Track Progress on Slack

Connect Makesbridge and Slack to automatically post leads into Reseller Channels

To successfully convert leads into opportunities you need to beat competitors to the first discovery meeting. And tight collaboration between your resellers and sales support team during the sales process is equally important to convert opportunities into a sales. Those critical points aside, grabbing the attention of resellers and monitoring their activity are very challenging.

This is why we use Zapier, Slack and Makesbridge to fully automate the lead notification process, track progress when leads become opportunities, and keep resellers focused on selling our product.


How and Why to Use Slack with Resellers

In case you’re not familiar with Slack, it’s a great tool for collaborating with internal and external team members. To get started, you can setup a Slack Channel for each reseller to ensure fast follow up and tight communication during the sales process.


How to Automate Lead Notifications and Collaborate with Resellers on Slack

What follows is a set of instructions on how to connect and automate a reseller notification playbook. Our team uses this playbook with great effect and it’s boosted the attention we receive from our resellers.

You’ll automatically alert internal admins when a new lead comes in, notify resellers when a lead has been assigned to them, and add the new lead to a dedicated Slack channel to collaborate during the sales process. Continue reading Playbook: Distribute Leads To Your Reseller Network and Track Progress on Slack

SDR Follow Up To Qualified Web Visitors

Sales Development Reps (SDRs) who are responsible for outbound prospecting need to work on finding interested contacts that they can add into B2B sales funnels.  To achieve this in the shortest time possible, SDRS need visibility into what companies are visiting their website, where these visitors go, and their contact information. Continue reading SDR Follow Up To Qualified Web Visitors