Marketing Automation Temps Make Sense- A Case Study


Earlier this month, two founders of a Silicon Valley financial firm came to us about a bind they were in. They’re in the process of launching a new business division and their plates are too full to have staff deal with the bells, whistles, bits and bytes of setting up their new marketing and follow up funnels.

In this article you’ll read summary details of their situation and how Makesbridge Concierge was hired as a temporary marketing management squad to complete mission critical marketing projects and train staff along the way.

Key Take Aways In This Article:

  • See the tell tale signs of when to call for marketing automation temps
  • Bonus advantages for using a seasoned team
  • Alluring economics of marketing automation temp team


The financial firm provides loans and financial services for students and recently launched a new business division to leverage current market strength. A cornerstone of the business plan was to make loan processing and collections a mass production operation that would be something Henry Ford could admire. However, the founders were facing some serious challenges to get the automated marketing funnel ready prior to their business launch deadline.

Within a 30 day time frame they had to:

  • Integrate a marketing automation solution in Salesforce
  • Configure a Salesforce configuration deployment map to support automation
  • Execute Loan Document Request drips to support 80 loan agents
  • Setup a system for automated past due notices
  • To make matters worse, they were short on experienced staff and money to pull it all off.

They decided to subscribe to Makesbridge based on its integration with Salesforce, but subscribing to a marketing automation platform isn’t even 10% of the work. The bulk of planning and implementation remained.

Key Take Away #1: After deciding to go with a platform, there’s a set of advanced level tasks that current staff typically don’t  have time or experience to perform by themselves. This is when you need to call for outside help. The tasks included refining an integration map, setting business rules, integrating CRM and marketing platforms and setting up messaging funnels.  And, you need to do this under a balanced budget and without hiring new headcount.

Direction and Project Management by a Team of Experienced Professionals:

Here’s the sequence we’ve undertaken to fire up this firm’s automated marketing funnel within the next two weeks:

  • Discuss the firm’s business objectives to handle more loans using automation. In this case, it was decided to use Contact fields in Salesforce to trigger messages like document requests to  loan applicants and past due notices.
  • Worked together to identify success metrics. Set goals for increased loan volumes handled, opens, click throughs and form conversions.
  • Project deliverables outline. List and prioritize action items for integration and automation setup.
  • Give Advice. Consult at a high level to determine what set of services are needed, budget and roll out. After reviewing the firm’s initial plan and set of workflows, the Makesbridge team advised on how to trim expenses and stretch initial roll out budget without risking objectives.
  • Delegate. The teams worked together to divide and specify work to be done by the firm’s in-house resources and set up to be performed by the Makesbridge team.  
  • User Education. Significant benefits to setting up a marketing automation funnel properly is that it can be used as a teaching case for internal users and be used as a template for future funnels.

In terms of education, Makesbridge used flow diagrams, business rules outlines, an adoption roadmap and set up videos to gradually feed education in consumable bites.

References & Documentation:

Documentation includes:  (we use a shared Google Folder for the project)

    • The attributes that trigger automation – contact fields, web interactions, campaign analytics, etc.
    • Text copy each email for automated campaigns, individual emails and nurture tracks; including dynamic fields to be pulled in from individual Salesforce contact records.
    • A brief Business Objective description of each automation outline  ensures both teams understand the actual purpose of each automation routine. This is where the Makesbridge Concierge staff’s knowledge and mastery of the platform is critical because it helps avoid process over engineering, common marketing automation mistakes and cost overruns.
    • Subject Lines for each email, frequency of emails, and scheduled spacing of nurture track messages.
    • Campaign names and identification for future purposes.

Key Take Away #2: As you can see in the checklist, the Makesbridge Concierge team delivers more than simple campaign coordination and setup. The level of service borders on business process consulting and professional project management.

Makesbridge Concierge is Richard III’s Proverbial Horse

Starting at $75.00/month, the cost of our marketing automation temps is reasonable. The project coordination and setup of marketing automation routines are worth the cost alone. Subscribers to this service get guidance and experience that save time and produce solid results.

Key Take Away #3: Economic benefits stack up when your marketing automation setup and guidance is given by the same people who produce and support the system every day. You not only get deferred expense in the context of a “package deal”, you get expertise and a mature sounding board.


The firm’s executive and coordination teams can enjoy the holidays because its marketing automation dialed in and was ready to go. Their Concierge Team’s spirits were lifted by one of the co-founders remarks. “I wish all our vendors were as easy to work with as you.”

Marketing automation works; it certainly rocks. However, if your organization is facing a shortage of time or lacks trained human resources who could perform essential marketing automation tasks, you should inquire about our Concierge Services.

Watch this video to learn what Makesbridge has to offer local businesses and how it is helping them achieve their marketing, sales and automation goals. You can learn about Makesbridge concierge services and packages here or consult our 24/7 friendly customer support.

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