Makesbridge Education Program: Learn Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics for Free

Makesbridge Education Program

We are excited to announce the launch of Makesbridge Education Series. Starting on Wednesday, August 26, the program is aimed at giving readers fresh food for thought, building network with industry leaders, providing you a learning opportunity and facilitate you excel in your respective fields.  Our mission is to break down common growth challenges, identify practical choices to solve them, and streamline your path to achievement.

This education program will be split into two learning tracks.

  • Editor’s Round Up ( Focused on ideas & growth hacking tactics)
  • Strategy & Training Round Up

Please scroll down to view the rich set of resources we’re offering in support of our instructional program.

Program Components:

The program has five key components.

1. Proven Processes:

Inspired by the need to simplify and instruct on what works in today’s sales and marketing world, our community of users, experts and partners have pre-programmed automation routines for Makesbridge followers. Each Proven Process provides easy to follow serialized instructions to execute powerful sales and marketing routines. We produce at least one Proven Process every two weeks and every fresh one will be delivered to you.

2. Research-based Contents & E-Guides:

Articles, latest blog posts, feature videos, how-to videos and thought leadership guides will be posted weekly in our resource area. You’ll be able to learn about best practices, fresh ideas, and motivational stuff to keep moving on your growth track. Check a sample E-Guide here.

3. Practical Guidance from Experts:

Learn from a team of contributors who share practical guidance, performance statistics, and step by step instructions on how they put their best practices into play across email, SMS, dialogue marketing, sales enablement, front office automation and analytics. If you don’t have experience in email marketing or marketing automation, no worries; here is a team of experts that will facilitate you with experience-based practical guidance.

4. Live Webinar Series:

Attend live demonstrations with seasoned hosts every Tuesday through Friday at 11 am PST, to build your knowledge about basic marketing, automation, sales enablement and business analytics.  We’ll also produce web events to walk you through systemic solutions to specific business growth objectives. These webinars are aimed at helping modern marketing and sales professionals in bringing out the best in them and accelerate their growth pace.

  1. Training Sessions & New Feature Announcement:

Stay on top of new innovations, cloud app integration, and useful features that will keep you ahead of the competition and increase productivity. Being a company with strong belief in innovation, we keep on introducing new solutions for your business problems. When you join our education program, we’ll set up your free demos of our new features.

How to Join?

There will be a weekly roundup of education program. Click here and share your email address. Following this one step subscription, we will deliver our weekly education round ups right into your email box.

In case of any questions or feedback, don’t forget to contact us via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn


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