Is Email Marketing Dead? Some Insight From Salesforce State of Marketing 2015

2015 State-of-Marketing-Survey

2015 State of Marketing Survey by should be an eye-opener for traditional thinkers. Though, it indicates a drastic shift in spending habits of the businesses and makes some strategic predictions for the year 2015. Yet it endorses importance of email as an integral touch point in marketing where 73% marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business. In the following, we’ll analyze some stats to find out whether “email marketing is not dead or not?”.

  • 20% marketers believe their revenue source is directly linked to email operations.
  • 60% believe that email is a critical enabler of their product/service.
  • 20% say: “email indirectly impacts our business performance”

When it comes to calculation of email marketing ROI, we find that 74% of them are very optimistic.

  • 21% marketers claim earning significant ROI on email campaigns.
  • 32% claim receiving some return.
  • 20% believe it will eventually earn them some return
  • 18% think it produces return but indirectly
  • Only 3% think of email marketing as not a good medium to produce ROI while 5% were not sure.
  • 74% marketers take responsive design a key feature in email campaigns. [ This is what we’ve learnt at Makesbridge. Hence, we ensure that our all templates (email, newsletters & landing pages) are mobile friendly]

Marketers will need a dedicated content strategy for email marketing.  We see newsletter, promotional content, welcome notes, post-purchase and transactional messages with their percentage usage in 2014 and expected usage in 2015.

Metrics to Measure Email Marketing Success:

  • Click through rates, 47% marketers
  • Conversion rate, 43%
  • Click to open rate, 38%
  • Lead generation, 34%
  • Unique open rate, 34%

A small percentage also considers un-subscribe, inactive user, and bounce rate to measure their campaigns’ success.

Do You Have a Mobile Strategy for Email?

2015 State of Marketing survey confirmed the mobile email trend had substantial growth from the past year.

  • 72% of US online adults send or receive personal emails via smartphone at least weekly.
  • Nine countries likely surpassed 50% mobile penetration in 2014.
  • Responsive design can lead to a 130% increase in email clicks.
  • This year, 33% of marketers said their emails are read on a mobile device at least 50% of the time; last year, it was 24%.

In short, email marketing is not dead, it is as relevant as it was few years ago. However, businesses will have to adopt best practices for email marketing in 2015 and follow the trends. Integrate your mobile, social media, and email marketing  to obtain greater and optimized results.

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