How to Nurture Your Fresh Business 2 Community Leads and Qualify Them for CRM? [Video Tutorial]

Lead generation with Business2Community

If we look at the recent studies about the most popular form of content; articles, whitepapers, and infographics top the list; followed by videos and podcasts. And if we look at the top 3 content formats that B2B buyers seek out to research a purchase decision, the stats are amazing. Whitepapers top with 78%, followed by case studies 73% and webinars 67%. These stats tell us why marketers produce this content to capture readers’ contact  information and retargeting, but how do marketers prevent bad contact information and unqualified leads from draining CRM and sales resources?  In this video tutorial we demonstrate the best practice for converting those new unqualified contacts into marketing qualified leads. 

To promote whitepapers, companies use their own websites, social channels, email drips, partner networks and content syndication sites. One such syndication site is Business 2 Community, which offers a program for businesses to attract leads by promoting their content.

No doubt, paid whitepaper distribution on Business 2 Community is a cost effective way to pour new contacts into your lead generation system. But only if you have the right process in place to store those contacts and  develop those new contacts into qualified sales leads. And besides the follow up, we recommend against storing this new contact data into your CRM tool until it’s been properly qualified. See if your CRM tool is well-equipped to handle cross-channel integration.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to combine Business 2 Community, Google Drive and Marketing Automation. You’ll learn the process and get tips on follow up strategy that maximizes response.

It is hoped that The video gives you an idea into how a lead generation system works. A source to generate new contacts,  Google Drive to host those contacts prior to adding them into your CRM tool, and a marketing automation system to nurture new contacts to the point of qualification.

About Business2Community:

Business2Community is one of the leading portals where more than 10,000 business professionals contribute, share thoughts, and increase exposure for their organizations. The company has some innovative offers for the businesses to help them promote their business. Some of them include articles, ads, webcasts, and whitepapers.

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