7 Books that Every Marketer Should Read in 2015


Modern marketing can best be defined as a minefield of new and hard-to-explore experiences. On one hand, you’re dealing with the customers while on the other side, managing teams, hiring new resources, and meeting up company goals. This may result is exhaustion, distraction, and even reduced productivity.  One of the best approaches to avoid these kinds of things is proactive learning.

If you are facing any performance bottleneck, bookmark/purchase these 7 books and read them down the road. This collection comprises of the best books on entrepreneurship, management, and leadership.

1. Business Adventures– by John Brooks

This is an amazing collection of stories which was initially shown up in “The New Yorker” — depicting the defining moments of a few classic American organizations, like Ford to Xerox. Named by Bill Gates as his most favorite business book, it gives entrepreneurs with timeless lessons on ethics, finance, and the corporate world.

2. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content – By Ann Handley

In marketing (and elsewhere) everyone writes. We highlight the power of a strong story to help our brand’s identity, and to help us get connected with our target market in a way that is important, useful, and even spirited. Despite your organization’s makeup, everyone is challenged to demonstrate the skills and tasks of the content role. The book offers practical guidance written in a sharp and open tone to encourage a proactive writing environment for your team, create your brand identity, and enhance your ability to focus on your audiences.

3. Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd – by Youngme Moon

Famous as a book for people who don’t actually like to read business books. This book is quite different to other books and offers a unique mixture of wit, insights and fascinating storytelling. Written by Dr. Moon, who is a famous professor at Harvard Business School, looks at how different brands like Apple, Harley Davidson and Ikea have used their product differentiation and unconventional marketing ways to escape from the competitive crowd and convert their products into something different in the eyes of consumers.

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4. Outliers– by Malcolm Gladwell

This is one of the masterworks by Gladwell that explains how luck and hard work plays a role in the success of a business. For instance, a few of the tech titans in Silicon Valley were born within a couple of years of each other, in particular situations, which allowed them to create disorderly technologies. At the same time, luck is nothing without hard work: Gladwell also promoted the thought that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to make a genius.

5. Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype – By Jay Baer

Consumers today incline toward brands and resources that give value and information beyond the transaction. Moreover, as noted in this book, “The distinction between helping and selling is only two letters. But those two letters are greatly important for the success of businesses today.” Baer offers another marketing model for the period of information overload, to get marketers contemplating how they can really drive sales by concentrating on offering service to help and empower clients. This book gives case studies as examples to help inspire your next relationship-building touch point.

6. The NOW Revolution: – by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund

Rather than just describing the ways to implant social media onto current marketing strategy, this amazing book by author Bear and Naslund focuses on the changeable organizations to react more efficiently to new developments. They claim that taking so much time to settle on informed business decisions about continuous crises can prompt termination and give seven shifts that can help a business move quickly and more smartly while going more social. The book’s format is extremely smart (particularly its Kindle version) and gives real-life advices and examples.

7. QR Code Kill Kittens– By Scott Stratten

Since we could really use a supportive list of the things we must NOT be doing, this book surfaces the violation of social norms in the way of success. The content is introduced in various sections, all including a story identified with the subject, as well as tips and clarifications on what not to do. In the bio section of his book, Stratten clarifies, “if you realize that your business decisions could cost a kitten its life, would you still do it? Obviously not. Nobody wants to hurt a kitten, and nobody wants to harm their own business through avoidable mistakes. The trick is, knowing which things are the wrong things to do.”

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